July Event~  July 14,2018
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Special Workshops

In July 2018,
there is going to be a workshop for Photoshop skills. 

Come learn or refresh yourself in using the tool box of Photoshop and learn to work on images that are changed to become pieces of art.

I will send out to you (the student) the images, textures and grunge layers, to use and build the composition of the image using the tools of Photoshop to create the projects.
You will learn blending mode, and adding layers and changing the composition of the images, combining images
and learn the tool box. (The tool box is the essential focus)
I will have PDF's available for you to keep!

This is an introductory level.  Don't fear the unknown!

Introduced also, is Lightroom!

You as the student will need to download Lightroom and Photoshop.

It comes as a package or individually.
Pay per year or per month.

Space is limited !!!

If you are interested in learning more when the information is finalized, please email me and get on the list.

The following are examples of what will be covered, but may not be the projects.

YOU are ENCOURAGED to bring a project to work on of your own as well!

All of these images have been worked in Lightroom, to clean the image.  And then , in Photoshop to blend and add texture or grundge and combine images to change the composition.

Learning Photoshop will take your images to a new level!!!

ANY questions shoot me an email-  clink on the email over in the sidebar.
Taking this image..Cleaned up in Lightroom.
And this image, cleaned up in Lightroom, where I also set the size however, that can also be done in Photoshop.
In Photoshop, I blended and layered the two images to create THIS!
Lets take this image after focusing it better in Lightroom and use it in the next project.
We will work on this a little in Lightroom and in Photoshop to enlarge it how we see fit.
Then combine them, blend, layer, and add a border/frame...and grunge it you like.
Using these two images, an old barn and horses no where near the barn, I created two totally different stories.
I applied texture layers and used the blending modes to incorporate the horses into the view of the barn.  Since this is a 1800's barn I wanted to evoke an old moodiness to the image, so I added more layers and blended them out giving two stories to the same view.
The possibilities are endless!

In this workshop, I will provide the ingredients for 2 learning projects. 
You will have a fair introduction or brush up your skills in Lightroom.
Learn the tool box and work through the 2 provided projects in Photoshop.

I encourage you to have loaded in a file (separate and labeled to easily find)
a few pictures you will want to work with as well!!

This will be an action packed very hands on workshop.

For the total beginner or to brush up your tool box will not go away dissatisfied!

I am thinking ONE FULL DAY!
Begin at 9-12 pick back up  at 1 until 4 ish.
$150.00 FULL


Join in the workshop fun July 14, 2018
A Saturday you should mark on the calendar and contact me to sign up!
May 12,2018 RESERVE YOUR SPACE ! beginning April 1,2018
A Saturday you should mark on the calendar and contact me to sign up!
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