Oils.   When using oil pigments for creating a painting, the experience will be different than from using acrylics or watercolors.  
Oil pigments dry slower.  Which is a curse and a blessing.  
Changes are easily addressed, since the pigments are slower drying but, moving forward requires a little wait so the pigments have a chance to set up before adding more.  

‚ÄčThe final results of using oils for a painting are a bit different as well.  
Oils offer a creamy blend-ability that acrylics mimic but is just not the same.  
Oils result in an overall luminosity that is distinctly different in quality.  
A dreamier glow. 

‚ÄčThis form of painting has been popular and overall top-rated, since the 14th Century.

Come try your hand in Oil Painting!

Be prepared for a longer commitment.

Oil on Paper "Tunnels End"
Custom Animal Portrait
Oil on Paper "The Path"
Custom Portrait