Gallery Artists

The Stagecoach Gallery is LOADED with talented artisans.

EVERYTHING with in this Gallery is a ONE~OF~A~KIND piece of work!

Working in a vast array of mediums, as you gaze around the floor you will feast your eyes and spirit with some of the finest creations.
You are going to be met with connections on all levels.

Come meet the artists!

Crystal DeLange.  South Dakotan artist who loves to work with found materials.  She spins barbed wire in metal sculpture accents for reclaimed barn wood. 
At anytime she is going to bring in the next creation, the beautiful table, the unique frame, an accent that is worthy admiration for all the walls.  Visit and be charmed.
Brenda DeHaan.   South Dakotan artist and author.  Specializing in knowledge for crystal and gems, as spiritual and healing properties, and especially as beautiful adornments as jewelry.   Feel the connection.
Kenny Konnechne.  South Dakotan author.  A rancher story teller, took pen to paper to capture the humorous side of ranching and fishing, living on the plains.  Read his stories and be charmed.
Sara Baccus.  South Dakotan seamstress.  Her expressive bags have a practical side with flair!  Exquisitely sewn for years of compliments.
Cheri Antonsen.  South Dakota repurpose artist.  Takes junk and with vision and flair repurposes and rebuilds them into exquisite expressions for your space!
Chad Phillips.  South Dakota Photographer.  His images justly win the special awards that Photographers are merited.  They will remind you of the beauty that is South Dakota.  One of his passions is mixing the media up and when he does express that creative side, those pieces fly out of here!  check often because you never know when they will arrive.
Bonnie Brahms.  South Dakota award winning watercolorist and oil painter of lovely life around the plains.  Her work evokes the life on the range as moments frozen in time.  Delightful depictions of a master and her brush.
Mary Hunt.  South Dakota Mixed ~ media artist.  Panels of color as stained glass; treasure boxes with lids of a rare technique that are highly collected.   Canvases of paint in oils or acrylics of many subjects, her prominent interest is nature.  Vignettes of South Dakota to gaze on anytime of the season, are among the collection.  In addition to these mediums there are sculptures and pieces of jewelry crafted entirely by hand using vintage pieces within the design. 
Steve Vanderheiden.  Wyoming Mixed~media artist.  Stevie rocks our art word with a vision of Expression with a capital E.  His voice continues to grow because he thinks outside the box!  His work continually evolves from his graffiti voice through some of his more recent works ~ spray paint.  Visit and see the world of Stevie!
Anne Gaal.  Hails from North Carolina.  Mixed media artisan expressive in paints, inks, papers, gems and crystals, photography.  Moods take her creative spirit to heights of beauty to pleasure your person and your walls.  Look around you will want to collect them all!
Carrie Joy.  North Carolina artist.  Her creations are delightful and romantic.  She wields an old world charm and will capture your imagination with the story her brush creates.
Phyllis Peterson.  North Carolina mixed media artist.  Textural expression in a style you are going to want in every room.  Her work is whimsy and playful with some that mixes to another level, assemblage.  Her stories are delightful, come SEE!
Kristy Cristopherson.  California.  She has moved to a new medium, textiles.  We still have a few of her assemblage pieces.  Charming glimpses into the past.
Brian Fields.  North Carolina Potter.  His pots are exquisite.  Lovely weight and fabulous glaze.  We LOVE when he sends us more!
Donna Burhman.  Virginia master seamstress.  Knitting, crocheting, smocking and French hand sewing may make their way into her creations.  She is always sending gorgeous pieces.
Verinta Hoyt.  Spring, Texas send us lovely pastels and gorgeous oil paintings.  Recently she opened a Gallery so be sure to stop and visit if you get to the area!
Mary Schweitzer.  Illinois Mixed-media artist.  Miss Mary will be forever missed.  We still have Mary's highly collected pieces.  Crafted with heart and soul. 
Heather Chism.  Indiana artist.  Works with metals and clay.  As a whimsical mixed-media artist.  Her special vibe always brings a smile.  View the Jewelry and the hanging pieces you are going to find them all special!
Colleen Walker. Virginia jeweler.  A master metalsmith and sculpture of fine jewelry crafter in precious metals of platinum, gold and silver.  Periodically we are graced with a piece from her table.  Never will the piece last longer than the first vistiors gaze.  A person needs to visit frequently to capture these rare one of a kind pieces!
Julie Windler.  Georgia clay artist.  Weilding the clay into such amazing delights to feast the eyes for pottery that has glazes of fabulous hues.  Julie has presented before the queen of England so many times, I have lost count.  But, I bet she hasn't!  Add your collection with one of her exquisite serving pieces.
Wanda Miller.  California Mixed~media artist.  When Miss Wanda puts her apron on and begins her composition.  The direction always takes you to a thoughtful whisper.  Reminding us of the good things we have all around.  Her work is spirit lifting and a delight of color for the senses to rally around any moment of the day.  Collect her and gift her lovely works and spread the joy!
Gia Jury.   Florida Mixed~media and Clay artist.  Her paintings evoke an innocence of capturing moments of life and enjoying them in the present.  Her delightful sculptures though, OH they have a personality and tell the story exquisitely.  You will want them ALL! On display on your shelf or cabinet, all you will want to say is..bravo...BRAVO!