Charcoal is 'the' one important medium!  This medium is a super charger.  As you learn to work with graphite pencil or charcoal a better understanding for value will be gained.  Value helps ALL paintings develop.  The lights, darks and mid-tone values are what emerges as the subjects and areas in a painting.  Paintings generally begin , with charcoal or graphite and then, paint pigments are introduced.  Or, continued on as a charcoal painting.  
We begin with a sketch, no matter how basic.  

Join me in exploring the magic of charcoal.  
Learn how it layers and blends, introduce other agents to make the medium perform more amazingly to gain all the levels of expression.

Let's begin with the basics. Additionally, I can help grow your range.
Classes are offered individually or in a group.
Typically, an hour a week.  However you want to break the time up.

Let's begin the journey!  
Using expressive lines this powerful image is developed and comes to life using value tones.
expressive face
Using expressive lines, the image developed.  Using erasure to bring values to life her story begins to be told.
Medicine Crow
Portrait of Crow Chief.
baby elephant
Playful baby elephant through value and expressive lines.
Prince.  Expressive lines and values in charcoal.
Student beginner drawing.