Stagecoach Gallery 

You are going to love this place!
Everyone calls it the 'Happy Store'.

We are emerging on the new season 2019.
Storms are still quite prevalent this March.  We usually open about now but there will be delays.
We are aiming for an April open this year hoping these snowstorms will be finished and Spring will arrive.
Looking forward to greeting everyone and introducing the new work.

Please browse the pages of the website and become familiar with our efforts to encourage arting.
Learning, partying or collecting it's ALL good!
To visit with a few of the new pieces, look
in "art-for-sale"

Or click HERE

All the work in here is uncommonly good..
I can’t begin to tell you how many people who have received gifts from here, contact me about how happy and special their gift has made them feel.

This makes everything worth the effort to keep creating and gathering new pieces.

Collectors of arts and crafts and repurposed pieces, come back excited for another piece to add to their collection.

Paint dates, special workshops, art-parties, tutoring, classes all have one common theme:  enjoyment

Please enjoy browsing these pages.  
And contact me with your questions and to book an event.
When in the area of Platte, South Dakota
Come on IN!
You know you WANT to.