Stagecoach Gallery 
Stagecoach Gallery is a gallery of artistic ONE ~ OF ~ KIND expression, with a focus for South Dakotan artists.
We are privileged also, to represent recognized artist from across our expansive country.  
We encourage art education,  through a vast offering of classes, seminars and art parties.   
Either individual tutoring or
through a group.
Instruction or parties are on mutual scheduling bases.
All Events, Classes and Workshops Are Paid In Advance.
Thank You.
 Look HERE for All the Upcoming Events as They are Planned!
You MUST come in to experience the pleasure these walls and tables offer!

One -of-a-kind artistic treasures.

The following pages are loaded with information and examples.  There is no way I can provide EVERY sample ever executed.
ANY questions about what you see or have imagined for yourself, please do not hesitate to inquire.